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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pratunam Market | ตลาดประตูน้ำ **

(map) If you're setting up house in Bangkok, this is an easy place to go for cheap towels, sheets, mosquito nets etc. Also available are lots cheap clothes (not always very fashionable), shoes and souvenirs.

Some shopkeepers ask very high prices when they see a foreigner and are not too friendly either. Stiff bargaining is necessary. [corner Petchaburi Road/Ratchaprarop Road; day market]

You can continue your shopping at the next-door Indra Square | อินทรา สแควร์, a mall with clothes, bags, accessories, make-up, shoes and fabrics, suitcases, tailors, souvenirs, handicraft, mobile phones and other electronics. This mall at Ratchaprarop Road is very popular with Indian visitors.

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